the 2006 Gumball 3000!

Thanks for dropping by. All pictures and movies on this site were taken in London on 30th April 2006 as the 8th Gumball rally took to the streets.

As promised - here are the photos from the rally. There are some from inside the Gumball garage a few hours before the start plus a lot as the cars drove round to get to the start grid. Because I was inside the barrier I was able to get some nice close ups. There are also a handfull from just round the corner from the start line.

These first three pages were taken with my digital camera whilst page 4 & 5 were done the old fashioned way.

Finally a big thanks to all the gumballers I spoke to, hope you enjoy these, click on the thumb for the bigger image. Please note that the big pics have been compressed due to their size so if you wanted any of them at full quality just ask.

More pics this way

All images copyright DSW 2006